Random Stuff From My Sketchbook
(A few decades of not caring about how well I draw.)

(Doodle about these doodles.)

(Don't chew on the pearly gates.)

(I love my bad, faded tattoo!)

(Hormones are hell.)

Small talk
(The blandness of crowds.)

On tarot cards
(It's inauspicious to skip this one.)

Get some sushi, a haircut, watch VANTAGE POINT.
(For when you feel like getting some sushi, a haircut, and want to watch VANTAGE POINT.)

(So you don't have to.)

On being a Ghostbuster
(I ain't afraid of being too old. OK, maybe I am.)

Who am I?
(I make therefore I am.)

Diary doodle:May 3
(Evil salad, ugly leggings, and Game of Thrones.)

On clowns
(No need to send 'em in. I'm good.)

Scent memories
(Apologies to Proust.)

Goofus and Gallant on Spoilers
(Don't be a Goofus.)

On Woody Allen
(My faves are trash.)

I worry.
(And I worry about worrying.)

Diary doodle: random weekend
(Just kicking around town.)

Where do I see myself in five years?
(Besides just five years older.)

Diary doodle:November 30
(Sick of turkey.)

Bunny in the Sky with Diamonds
(Accidentally causing a very disturbing Easter.)

Halloween doodles
(With actual pen and ink, even.)

These are a few of my many cats
(Even if I'm now a dog person.)

100 Demons
(Working through my personal demons, about 100 at a time.)

So "Ogre" SHREK
(The only thing I hate worse than word play is studios squeezing franchises until they're dead and buried.)

The Legend of the Candy Ghost
(Where does the candy go the day after Halloween? Only the Candy Ghost knows.)

The Mystical Dog Incident of Steven Seagal
(A Wikipedia "true" story)

(Imaginary friends.)

On Being Deep
(I belong!)

(Interests or omens?)

My big mouth
(My own worst enemy.)

(Gaming the system.)

Morning People Aren't Cool
(I should know. I am one.)

Not Dating
(Two is the loneliest number)

Career Doubt
(The perpetual struggle.)

Single Again
(Breaking up is great to do.)

Sex Dreams
(Is there anything less sexy?)

(Besides the "just be funny, damnit.")

The Fate of Hammy

The Two Kinds of People in the World.
(Those that overgeneralize and those that don't.)

Relationships Destroy Media
(They're playing our jingle.)

How (not to) win at a fight
(Where face meets fist.)

On Drugs
(The doodle. Not the cartoonist.)

What Makes a City "Hip"?

My hobby is drawing these dumb things
(Along with some other dorky pastimes.)

Kameya Vs. The Skeleton
(Written by Kameya)

Observations from Alternative Press Expo '06
(Booths and buttons and guilt, oh my.)

Resolutions Failed
(Lest old traditions be forgot.)

Valentine's Card
(It's the thought that something something.)

A Seagull Stole My Big Mac
(A San Francisco true story)

American Airlines Sucks
(And I can't draw in transit)

(Doodled back when I thought being in my 30s was old.)