Guck says: They were never supposed to be webcomics, even though I was obsessed with Cat and Girl and Thingpart, and Hyperbole and a Half when I was doing them. They weren't for anyone, really.

I think the first one was about a dream I had about having to drive up a vertical hill. Why I felt the need to tell anyone, let alone draw it, I don't know.

Then I drew something else and posted it on LiveJournal. And people paid attention to it.

I had only posted 3 or 4 when friends started telling me what to doodle about, asking me to draw them.

As someone with anxiety and a fear of success and a fear of failure and a desire to please everyone, it was the beginning of the end.

When I focused on the drawing and making, I loved doing them. But the pressure of doing them for people who expected them, people who I knew I could let down...

Anxiety already thwarts me. Instead of doodles being an oasis, they were stressing me out.

I drew (shakily, quickly) on BART in my Cartoon Network swag clipboard, feeling the pressure to make, to do, to be funny,to impress people.

At some point, Dave got me a ModBook, a Wacom built into a Macbook before the iPad came out so I could do them digitally.

Then the Surface Pro.

What I drew became less and less meaningful. Until all I drew were sketches of the TV I was watching.

For my 40th birthday, I asked my closest friends to give me an assignment and hold me accountable to it.

Nikhila challenged me to hang out with her at least once a month. Anyone who has tried to hang out with other parents, let alone people that moved to the East Bay when you live in San Francisco know how well I did.